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Month: February, 2012


A truly amazing split-EP by the mighty NEW MOTIVE POWER and the spectacular FLYING BATTERIES.


I made a remix which appears as a secrect (not that secret now, eh?) download-only-track on the Battery-Edition of this release. Be sure to download the “Power Edition” as well, because it contains another lovely remix from the one and only StratosFear.



THE HAI’s monthly unnecessary remix – Vol. 1: Street Fighter

And again the good people of THE HAI.

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack, Rekapper and myself took out all our anger, hate and anxiety on sounds from the arcade game “Street Fighter”
This is the first installment in an ongoing series of themed remix EPs.


“sounds pretty eclectic.” – Rikki, The Flying Batteries
D’accord, Rikki, d’accord.

Download your own fun: Bandcamp


The obligatory post about the awesome compilation the all international collective THE HAI released in January.
A high quality and consistent take on Pop Music by almost all members of the collective (including me).

pop songs

download it here: Bandcamp,
it’s free of course.
And be sure to check THE HAIs WordPress for frequent updates on new releases.

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