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Month: July, 2012


I love how Germans are depicted in other countries’ media, especially in the US. Notice the German Shepherd at the end.


long time no see

In the meantime my EP OTTER has reached 250 downloads and i was rather amazed,
THE HAI has released a compilation without me (due to computer problems and timetable difficulties), i am currently working on a music video for NEW MOTIVE POWER which will be Boss (at least i hope so, more info coming soon).
Apart from that i am probably going to appear on WATER GUN WATER GUN SKY ATTACKs new release (this is tied to the fact wether he thinks my contribution sucks or not) and i am still trying to think of a working concept to present my music live (inb4 laptop and ableton live).

Also, if you read this (i doubt you will, whoever you are) and have a blog or a homepage where you share music occasionally, it would be a really nice thing to feature my EP.

Some downloads for you, dear reader: